Creative Juices

Let me describe them to you

They are sticky sweet like mango juice

And tangy tart like my favorite pineapple

They drip sugary goodness all over my lips and fingers

Like when you bite into a summertime watermelon

You can squash them out of purple grapes

And turn them into fancy red wine

In fact,

They are often times the color of red wine

Deep and rich with sparkling bubbles

Or they can be yellow colors too

Like that of freshly picked lemons

Enticingly sour

They can be whatever color you want really

And taste like anything you please

You can extact the juices from anywhere

And mix them into your own flavorful concoction

Sipping it out of a delicate glass

Or a teacup with your pinky extended

Or a ceramic mug that warms your hands

The point is,

These creative juices are tastey

They are meant to be appreciated

And consumed as a delicacy

As for myself,

I can't get enough of them


Dameon Farris

Wow Meghan this is just mind blowing the way you worded this magnificent text

i mean I love the last line "as for myself, I can't get enough of them"

nice touch such power in your words please keep writing I can't wait to read more!


-yours trully Dameon Farris

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