Hang In There

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 18:03 -- Nuriya

No matter what I write

Behind the screen of doubts

A mental prison of night

Obscured by the formidable shouts

Only audible to the human mind

It resonates against the walls of my skull

Searching, but yet I cannot find

The core of such a troubled soul


The bitterness of potential failure

Reckoned as a chance of luck

Blaming it on the course of nature

Is not good enough to say: “who gives a fuck”


For a warrior is hardened by self-discipline

From failure, success, strength, and weakness

Built on the integrity and endurance within

Betrayed by reality, deception and secrets


The soldier who bears a heavy heart

Smiling, he feigns the impression

But ponders the day of his final depart

He is released from emotional oppression

Freed from internal confinement

Perhaps he has seen the light

Abandoning his worldly assignment

Out of the darkness he rises from his plight


However, giving up is not an option for me

Compelled by drive and perseverance

Fighting to reach the highest degree

Before my disappearance

Sometimes it is just too much

And I want to let it all go.

But it is the fire within to which I clutch

And the future that I do not know

That push me beyond the limits

Forcing me to overcome such strife

But this I have learned doesn’t happen in minutes

To accept the hardships of life


         Fate has no sympathy on mankind

This is indeed an endless fight

But those who choose a life so blind

Will never recognize a matter’s right

That anything requires strenuous labor

Nothing is easy; many times I will fall

So I can lock myself in a mental chamber

Or break out of this psychological wall

A daring and yet operose feat

Achieved by man’s potency

A fence made of the thickest concrete

Is broken down by the knowledge of this sleight

So be scared, be scared as hell

I tell myself, as I break out of my shell

Although these moments are ripe with fear

On test day, I know my job is clear

This poem is about: 
My family


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