Lay Me Down

Can I just be honest for one quick minute...
I can't pause life, I can only live in it
But to be honest, I want something real. No bullshit just all real,
I want the feeling again the one were I'm nervous and happy
And then I crawl up at the thought of your name
Can I have that or am I insane?
Is it to much to ask to wanna be walked down the aisle?
Is it too much to just wanna make someone smile? Wanna be the reason why their not right in the head
Wanna be the thing they look foreword too in their bed.
Shit; to be loved why is that scary?
Shit; to be unloved..why am I weary?
Maybe it's me, it's something inside.

I'm looking for you but that's what I can't find.
Someone like you..weird huh? Someone not like you , couldn't fit but.
Can I just be honest for one quick minute. You had my heart but then you bent fault to you when I gave it away but damn oh damn when will it be that day? Idk will it be ever...besides you, I need something better.
But then what do I compare too if it ain't you,
Who can I share too and be true? I'm really messed up and this poem is a mess
Kinda mixed up of loving you and regrets, I'll never get it
I'll never understand I haven't found myself yet
so I'm confused in the head.
 Can I just be honest for one quick minute...
I know can't pause life, But I wish I could forget some of it.


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