Life Lived

Don't worry about Tomorrow, just worry about Today.

Don't worry about Tomorrow, that's what they always say.

Yesterday I had my troubles, and tomorrow is my victories,

Don't worry about the last test, or what you got in the spelling bee.

Don't worry about spilt milk that was spilled upon the floor,

Don't worry about that relationship, because you're worth so much more. 

Don't worry about the flowers, and how they quickly fade, 

Or the sun that that gives you light; the moon that gives you shade.

Don't worry that your last bill was paid a month late,

Be happy for your health, because that will really stay.

Don't worry about past regrets, just live in present time,

Just find your silver linning, and joy you will find. 

If I would give you one advice, it's that you're really awesome, 

So go ahead and take a break, why don't you go and have fun,

Yesterday it is history, Tomorrow is a mystery,

And today is a gift, so let's live in the present.

Regret only one thing, it's the ilfe that's never lived, 

As long as you keep going, you're still a champion.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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