The Wonders of Writing

The ultimate escape

to a new life

if only for a short while

an escape to dreams and hopes

of love, wealth, or happiness

The magic key in your hand

that opens a portal with ink

a doorway of lined paper

to another world

with a flick of your wrist

it can be whatever you want

it could be an ancient, ancient garden

filled with a host of golden daffodils

or a land of kings and queens

with the help of a godly lion

or perhaps where the wild things are

you could go anywhere

to nevernever land and never grow up

or to the city of gold and buy Spain

you could live with a beast and fall in love

or join the circle of life

you could fight against he who should not be named

or control the force

you could live long and prosper

or fake your death in a reichenbach fall

you could travel in time and space with something that is bigger on the inside

or have a brother and fight the evils of the world with an angel

you can create your own world

you can be anything, do anyting

join me in the wonders of writing


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