Where I'm From

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 11:26 -- doneal


United States
32° 54' 11.268" N, 83° 34' 53.814" W

People Love to see a Black Men Struggling or Hustling on the Streets Where I'm From They Love seeing A Negro Sagging His Pants With Gold Teeth in His Mouth Where I'm Everybody & They Momma Are wanna Be Thugs & Gangsta Thats Why Most People Get The Hell Out of The City Where I'm From Cause Everyday You Wondering will You walk Outside Somebody going to Blow your Head off Just Cause You Got on a Certain Color See I'm Just Trying to Go off to School & Be Successful In Life Cause if I Stay Where I'm From Its No Telling when Imma Lose My Life !!!!


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