Not Ordinary...

Walking down an ordinary street in my ordinary shoes,

With nothing much to do in this ordinary town

Filled with ladies and booze.


Just another ordinary day filled with ordinary news,

Where the ordinary rain left some ordinary dew.


And that ordinary dew dropped on my new ordinary shoes,

What will I do?

Nothing ‘cause I'm an ordinary dude.


So I let the dew soak in my ordinary shoes,

I look and see a poor man singing bout his ordinary blues.

His ordinary job just didn’t fall through

And now he’s pouting on the corner ‘cause he don’t know what to do.


I look up to the ordinary skies and pray for this ordinary man stuck in demise.

Is it a surprise?

Am I hearing lies?

No I must rise.

For this ordinary town is no happy place with sweet pies.


For some reason I don’t feel like such an ordinary guy,

These ordinary skies aren’t enough for my unordinary eyes.

My grandmama told me before she said goodbye,

I need to let my light shine and stop living this ordinary lie.


So I walked up to this guy and told him,

Don't cry.

For we aren't meant to be,


Let live and go by.

He smiled with understanding for ordinary has no planning.

So he stood and took my hand with the desire to expand.

Not ordinary…but extraordinary.


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