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21° 24' 35.838" N, 158° 2' 8.9772" W

I gaze up at the stars.
They twinkle down at me
as my mind wanders
and I’m numb with thoughts.

They twinkle down at me,
I admire their bright shine.
And I’m numb with thoughts.
Take me away.

I admire their bright shine,
I’m jealous of at it all.
Take me away,
let me escape.

I’m jealous of it all since
they have everything I want.
Let me escape
to the twinkling stars.

They have everything I want -
their own place in the sky.
To the twinkling stars,
stay with me.

Their own place in the sky,
a place they can shine.
Stay with me
so we can both escape.

A place they can shine.
No boundaries exist
so we can both escape.
I like being a star.

No boundaries exist and
I’m finally happy
because I like being a star.
I belong in the sky.

I’m finally happy to be able to
twinkle down at them.
I belong in the sky,
I will light a path.

“Twinkle down at them
And show the way out.”
I will light a path so
look my way.

Show the way out so
we can finally escape.
Look my way.
See my heart.

We can finally escape.
My mind seems to wander.
Please see my heart and
Gaze up at the stars.


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