Deep Than Words

Deeper than words

My feelings have turned

As I went further down this tunnel of illusion

What’s next?


Keep digging ..


I’m at the intersect of pure delusion

I choose right .. literally

Going the right way .. seems right

What do I do now?


Keep .. On .. Digging


The further i go, my mind becomes

C l o u d e d

As I run into obstacles

Constant barriers in my mind

I never give up

I don’t need to ask myself to keep digging




Crawling trying to make it out

Alive that is, I’m overwhelmed

Feeling boxed in, I compress my anxiety

To the point where i take my edge of insanity and turn it sane


Going further..


And further..



Into my mind..


I become aware of my own self worth

Digging ..

Taught me to push through whatever

And that perception is reality

I become carefree as I applaud my new mentality


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