Dear Ladies,

Make up is just something to cover up the true identity of one hiding from the outside world; feared of that man who can bring your mascara eyes to pour and drip down your face and his name is UGLY.

As you roll mascara on your eyelashes and outline your lips in a different color; think about how much you sell yourself to be placed on the shelves with all the other crayola markers and crayons.

When you bring out the powder and rub it on your face, it seems as if you are ashamed that God just might have made you a few shades darker.

When you look in the mirror with that new look - and you feel as if you are the most beautiful woman on Earth, you should take a second glance and realize that ugly just had a rebirth.

Ladies this is when you need to find that man, that man that knows what true beauty is.

True beauty is when you look into the mirror and see nothing but the beautifulness of a creation created by God.

A creation so beautiful that she feels as if anybody can love her unconditionally and stand with open arms for her in the form of Christ.

Because covering yourself in make up doesn't make up for all your insecurities, but create novelties to the point in which they are published and established as your lifestyle.

You can place a thick white layer of powder on your face,

and cover your lips red with thoughts of frosting so desirable to taste,

and sprinkle on a fake tan and consider yourself baked;

but you will never be the winning cake because there ain't nothing sweet about being fake.

Take a hold of what lies within and bring it out.

No one can embrace a face so mischievously covered with colors screaming insecure.

I can look into your eyes and see nothing but the darkness of thick mascara which is like having a clogged aorta which means it is not allowed to pump, which means it is not allowed to love.

And ladies, men can't love you if all they is a walking figure of color so infatuated with being something they're not.

Which means that him loving U is useless.

And you finding his heart is not G – guaranteed.

Your appearance is completely L – Latex oriented;

and Y, you are not who you say you are.

And as you combine those four letters together it leads you back to that one thing you do open your heart to

and that is UGLY.


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