Why Is It Important To Work To Delete Cyberbullying?

Fri, 01/09/2015 - 02:04 -- nysia96

Stepping into the year 2015, technology has been made the world’s number one priority. And because of technology, social media has drawn people from all over the world. Over 1.28 Billion users on Facebook, 1.6 Billion users on Google+, 1 Billion user on Twitter, 200 Million users on Instagram, 70 Million users on Pinterest, 40 Million users on vine, 60 Million users on Snapchat, 1 Billion YouTube users, and 6.7 Million bloggers. Those statistics are still in counting within the New Year. As technology advances, reality becomes more virtual and animated, but in the same minute its become less humane and reasonable.


Young naive girls are forced to believe that society won’t accept them unless their figure is identical to a model; coercing their minds to do unhealthy things towards their natural bodies. For the young boys, an ideal successful man is a rapper, actor, and a “wanna be” thug (for those who get lost in the streets); this is their role model. The media is also a big help in this bundle of destruction. More suicidal events occur on social media than any other internet source. Those victims not only get bullied in face-to-face, but on social media.


Thousands of girls are feeling insecure because they don’t have the America’s Next Top Model body. These girls get bullied into changing their image to look, feel, and act normal. The same naive girls post half naked photos of themselves to feed the insecurity; to feel noticed. “You’re ugly” or “You’re fat” or “You’re pathetic”. Those words hit home for some girls (or boys). There’s a small section in cyberbullying within the category of Homosexuality.


The media has not only shunned them out of society, but also in cyberspace. With just a click of a mouse and a tap on a keyboard, a person’s life, reputation, and possible career opportunity is over. With just a few words on the internet, which can never be “entirely” erased, can determine a person’s mindset, thoughts, and actions on committing suicide. All because of technology. The only invention that causes more harm than help. Cyberbullying has to end, and I think it should stop now. What do you think?



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