My Inspiration


I’ve known you for a while now

You and I are close friends

 We’re best friends

I’ve noticed how you have changed from a sad little girl into a mature young woman

People made fun of you

They hurt you

They teased you

They judged you

You were betrayed by those who you called your friends.

They pretended to care but they treated you like dirt

Like you were nothing.

They treated you like they didn’t give a damn

Like it didn’t matter to them whether you lived or died.

I saw the hurt in your eyes.

I saw the misery and the defeat.

I wanted to cry for you

I wanted to take away the pain

I wanted to lift burden that you carried from all those hateful names and comments

I hated to see you suffer, and I know you hated suffering.

So you left.

You left and didn’t look back.

I wondered where you were, and at the time I didn’t quite understand.

Then you came back.

When you came back you were a different person.

Now, when people spit hateful names you don’t care.

You don’t listen to them, and you don’t listen to what you know is not true.

You cut those who have betrayed you out of your life, and you show no regret.

Why give a damn about them if they didn’t give a damn about you?

You have grown

You have taken a new form in this life from that sad little girl I once knew to a mature young woman who isn’t out to please others, but to please herself.

It’s easy to use fame and riches as a means to aspire to, but I aspire to you.

You make me want to become a better person than I ever have been or will be.

You are a person

My best friend

My inspiration

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