The Stars We Are


Sometimes I wish I was a star,
Shining bright and worlds apart.
When I look up to gaze,
At its elegance and its mystery.
I just wonder, does it have history.
Is there someone doing the exact same,
Looking at us pondering existence.
If so, do they feel, do they sense as we do,
Are they wishing to be here as we are to be there.
Is the escape they seek here, worse than there.
What drives the imagination to calculate thoughts,
Of such unbound ideas, only to starve yourself
From knowing that you'll never know the reality.
The only reality you know is the one that either,
Haunts your days, or drives your sleepless nights.
The one that slowly suffocates you day to day,
The one that squeezes your weathered heart.
Emotions that are debilitating to handle alone,
The one when you reach out with a hand, only
To be greeted by a wanting hand that is not there.
In all honesty, a star might be dark, and cold.
Climate so unstable that surviving would be,
Second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour.
Constantly shifting, violent at times, pure joy at others.
Sadness words can't describe, Happiness few could.
Coming back to my senses, I realize we are all stars.
Our mind is a star, our body is the atmosphere,
For which all things come into contact with.
Our senses and nerves control the stimulus we,
Encounter on this violent evolution that is our lives.
Some days we can be glowing bright, radiant,
On others we look as if we are a black hole,
Engulfing everyone within range to our emotions.
The fact is, stars burn out, explode, to be part of another again.
Sometimes we get to be part of something great, life changing.
Others might become a black hole of complete desolation.
For it is a cycle that's never ending in space,
Just like the constant cycle of our lives, born a star,
Shining bright through the years, exploding and imploding,
Only to be part of a new star or cycle, being built off all the colliding,
With people, events, emotions, and feelings that,
Our body receives in the atmosphere that we live.
Weathering the storms of emotions, and feelings,
Our nerves and senses battle every second of every day.
Creating an aura our mind projects to other stars.
For I am a star, and I am in control, I want to shine bright again.


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