Subliminal messages being fed to our brains
Can't take it anymore, God show us the way!
Destruction of our lives
Corruption of our souls
Influenced by negativity 
When we should be teaching positivity
Drugs sex and hate words spoken everyday 
Sang by false idols, what else can I say, 
it's time to rise against the industry today
It's time for a movement, no room left to play
They say you only live once and it's true what they say
Buy it should influence us to try hard, not to fuck up and play
What happened to the American dream
Now it's all about the game, 
The hustle the money the glory and the fame
Our kids die fighting for a color because they have no dream
Instead we should fight for a cause, America lets redeem
If we don't fight for what we love then there's no point to even try,
another son lost thanks to that high
What happened to hope, the chance to grow strong
We lost it, lets find it
It's time to move on


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