Farewell Darkness

I trip into an endless empty.

The darkness’ welcoming hug gets a little tight,

Squeeze out my last breath.

Their love is so deep that they will not let go.

I try to hug back but

I am too weak from drowning.

The hug is so addictive that I almost forget,

There is so much more.


So much more to feel.

The lazy and warm sunshine tickles my face and

Fills up my heart.

Brush stock on the canvas, colors merging, blending

And dyes my finger tips.

The loud clappings and fast pounding of my heart,

that echo in the sky for days.

There is still more.


All the traps and valleys have been left behind.

The future is rocky but exciting.

So many unfinished dreams that need to come to life.

So I farewell darkness.

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