My Own


My heart is my own.
It cannot be told what to do.
You cannot tell it where to go.
But I can give it to you.
My heart is my own.
My mind is own.
Though I’m chained down -
My feet on the ground
High it will fly
Up, Up in the sky
My mind is my own.
My life is my own.
Though controlled and confined
Always told what to do
It is mine, all mine
It doesn’t belong to you
My life is my own
I am my own.
I am not you-
Nor will I ever be.
I am myself,
And only me.
I’m wanted by all - I’m loved by none
I’m hated my most - I’m lusted by some
But no one is needed
I can do it alone
Because no matter what happens,
I am my own.


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