The Inspiration of Creation

Mon, 01/06/2020 - 22:23 -- ozioma

From the moment I wake,

Brrrr Brrrr-- snooze again

Soft carpet under foot

Ice cold water drops kiss my face good morning

Breakfast smells waft towards my nose

They tantalize my feet down






The sun shines and my skin dances,

The birds sing and the baby deer prances.

So much to absorb each day.

Faces pass by,

Some smiles, some not

Each and every one is good.


I breathe it all in.

Inspiration enters my lungs,

Then my blood,

And is exhaled through my hands

In the form of creation.


At night I lay in my bed,


With all the day's joys to tuck me in;

To puff my pillow,

To draw the blinds,

And again the next day,

The beauty unwinds.

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