Just a little creativity

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 22:47 -- enwando

Imagine I had the power to change anything in the world

Not the stereotypical status quo kind of change like world peace


To change what people think 

I'm talking, Just a little creativity

To the minds of the youth

To give them something to do

Instead of video games sex drugs alcohol peer pressure, facebook, phones, twitter, laziness and sleep

You change the minds of the youth 

You change a generation too

The generation of the future

shaped by creative innovation

Which gives the older generation some hope for the future

While influencing the next generation that the discrepencies of the past is an error for a reason and not just something to live for

Just a little creativity

Just enough to give one a desire to pursue

a desire to create

a desire to accomplish

a desire to achieve

With no dreams struck down by a false perception of life

that you cannot do this and you cannot do that

so that the dreams you had just about ten years ago 

when your teacher asked you what you want to be when you grew 


An astronaut, a lawyer a doctor a firefighter, a pollice officer, an animal trainer, a vet, The president,

Instead of working to tear them down 

we should be working to make them sound

Just a little creativity 

Just enough to change the way people think

To motivate them 

Have a conscience that theres nothing that can stop them

so they can reach for the stars and to go to high and too far

 making the moon not an option to fall back on















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