Life's Canvas.

Staring at a wall is like a painter with a blank canvas
You don't know what to make
To create
What is your inspiration?
Grab that bottle of red paint and throw away your paintbrush
All those days where blood was shed in anyway possible
Show it on your canvas
All the days where you've been blue
Going green from envy
That one week where there way nothing but sunshine-y, yellow happiness
Confusion just like finding something that rhymes with orange
So many inspirations to create a masterpiece
The things that made your life what it was.
Add the imperfections and put a hole in the wall
Add black for the extra darkness
But leave an empty space.
That white on the wall symbolizes hope.
That day where everything goes right
From the crack of dawn to the strike of midnight
Hope that someday, your wall would be able to be all light
No darkness, you don't even want it to shine less
Create your story on the canvas that is the wall you've been staring at for years
Make it your own.


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