Ocean of My Mind

I could feel my hands gliding through the silk of the sea
Perched on the edge of the sea I longed for the water's clam to rest against my skin
To be caressed by ideas and possibilities of life
To be held, enthralled by the vicious grip of suspense
To be buoyed on the waves of thought

Pushing off the edge I fell in
Doused in the innocence and arrogance of my thought
Ideas and inspirations lapped up against me
Pain and guilt washed away as I swam beneath the sun

The calm was replaced by roaring waves
Tossed and spun I smiled as I was carried away from the shore
The depth of a plot and the anchor of conflict beat against me
The sun was replaced by the moon as I danced beneath the stars
Words and scenes raced through me like a chill
Whispered words in the dark and passionate kisses revenged my mind

By slipping into the water I was set free
A million things were possible as my mind was unleashed
Every passion I ever dreamt up
Every likeness I could ever believe in
I dropped into the finite imaginings of life
Everything that was possible
Everything that was impossible
It was all in my reach

The sea salt kissed my skin as I dove beneath the waves
Ideas that thrilled me and drenched me
Revolutions and war
The kindness of a friend
The pain of a lover
The sharpness of a knife
The sweetness of victory
It all swam around me

If I left, the ideas would be left in salt on my skin
I grinned like a mad man because it was beautiful
Churning beneath the stars a thousand stories waiting to be written
A thousand life times begging to be brought to life
Maybe I was a madman for knowing it could all be real
Real stories on paper
Stories to inspire and to tear down strongholds
Stories to change the course of history and stop people in their footsteps
Stories to relish
Stories to cry over
Everything could be real
Everything could be true
And everything could be mad
If only I imagined it in the ocean of my mind

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