Pierced My Veins


I wish I never pierced my veins,
I wish I never pierced my veins.
For this reason I'm to blame.
I pierced my veins when lonely and sad,
I pierced my veins when isolated and mad.
I pierced my veins for the high it gave,
I pierced my veins for its me needing saved.
For those of you who pierce their veins,
All our excuses are the same.
My wife left, I pierce my veins
I'm broke and homeless, I pierce my veins.
I have no friends, I pierce my veins.
Piercing your veins all ends the same,
Always hiding in your sorrow, in your shame.
Piercing your veins brings out emotions,
Like disdain, regret, disloyalty, and pain.
And it's all because you couldn't restrain.
Having pierced your veins, you know the cost,
A wife, your child, your money, all lost.
Piercing your veins will end in death,
May not be your life, but will consume your every last breath.
Take it from me, there's more to this life,
Abandon these troubles, sway from this strife.
It's all up to you, make the right choice,
Listen to your heart and not your inner voice.

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