Adapt To My Depth

I'm tired of people being so surprised at my depth of conversation

When it's normal for you to communicate through layers,

digging into the truth becomes basic...

and a basis for every word used to form sincerity in statements

In case you were wondering...I've been upper case,

capitalizing on every chance at a connection

Encased in a blur of fingerprints to keys,

I'm the type to type the thoughts away

I've been in tune with myself since watching looney toons

My imagination was not as latent as most kids...

I wasn't born like the rest of the noobs, I escaped...

I only came out the womb because I needed more room to create...

Thanks for letting me out into this sandbox

I'm landlocked into shaping the world into a better place

At this rate, I'll be growing past my state of decay

Every breakdown is a breakthrough

Every breakup doesn't break you

I'm breaking it down to those who feel broken.

There's a war inside, make sure you don't break truce...

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