To Inspire


I go to succeed, to get my degree,

then life slams the door.

With death, with hardships.

So young.

Then I pick back up and get knocked back down.

By who?


But I stood up to inspire.

To inspire...


I did not come this far, fight this hard to give up.

Cheer up.

I will succeed.

I can create, I will create.

I can design, I will design to inspire.

To inspire...


Art speaks volumes, it's true,

we all know.

It brings out emotions, brings ups,

and downs.

Art is the secret to unleashing your inner soul,

to unleashing my God-given talent, to lift me up.

To become a graphic designer is to inspire.

I want to inspire.

To inspire...


And, yet, it seems

impossible, unattainable. 

But I will not believe that, no.

Financial hardship will not stand in the way.

It cannot.

How else will I inspire?

So much soul inside me waiting to inspire.

That is my desire....

To inspire.


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