Say yes to life and no to suicide


Your words are like a knife a dagger a double edged sword cutting through

Each time the wound gets deeper and deeper

So bad you can't take it anymore and wanna give up, don't.

Words are powerful like eyes watching doing absolutely nothing.

Seeing someone get pushed around you decide to walk away

"I don't want drama" typical cliche line, ha ha ha 

Can you see me laughing? You're afraid and scared but what about him or her

They're scared too right? See it in their eyes, they're giving up no reason left to live

I don't want to live like this, exhaustion weary and falling

Tired to live like this it's the same thing different day. 

Easy to give up and stop fighting, but for what? It's not worth it.

Things will and can get better, you hear me? It may not seem like it now but trust me it will.

So much you can do for others, motivate cheer lift their spirits up and high

You can make it through

Carpe diem seize the dall YOLO you only live once

If you're going to live this life once, do it right the first time.

Don't take your own life it's a mistake.

Say yes to life and no to suicide


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