for mixed girls



Black curly hair, and smiles with a pearly glare

I like that,

these words remind  im more than just "black"

 and that I have a voice i can speak back

Pretty, yet

down the streets, or halls people stare

What is she? They ask as it should matter

Oh she’s Spanish, Asian or black,

Something like a phenomena, dark parents, but im still pale

What society doesn’t understand, yields fear

Now, I believe in God, but I don’t understand is plan

Why he’d let a black woman sleep with a Spanish man

Why’d he have to mix me

And leave no place to fit me

Black curly hair, smile with a pearly glare

Feels like around the globe they would stare,

There is Spanish in my, but I cant speak it,                                                                                           its in my face though, anyone can see it

She’s a shame or disgrace

Is what they say,

 set in the belief  a dead way,

How does one break this rhythm of hate

Black curly hair, smile with a pearly glare

Next time you see her, think twic before you stare.


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