I Am Born

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 23:14 -- Owenr53
I was born into this world without direction or a clue. 
Born into my mother and father's ocean, streaming blue. 
They taught me how to swim up the current as I pulled through.
Happy and healthy was my family, until my father’s time was due. 
I was born at the age of seven with my mother carrying me in her hand.
Broken and brittle until I taught myself how to stand,
Self-sufficient, I began to find myself in this world’s cold demand. 
I denied being a doctor or a lawyer as I created my own plan. 
I am born to create art that I can share,
and to spread love in times of someone else's despair.
To make a difference in someone’s life is rare, 
If I could just touch one person’s heart and let them know that I am there; 
I would tell them; “Life is beautiful and you should be fully aware”.
The thought of living can be sublime, when I started living I was born for the first time. 
I am Born. 


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