My Shinning Star


I think about you all day long
And how you smile and sang that beautiful song
You saw it all didn't you
You knew they would fall apart like an old shoe

Why'd you leave?
Especially on Christmas eve!
You couldn't have made it another year or two
Grandma! I just really miss you

All they every do is fight
You were always like my shining star at night
My sister and cousin don't talk
And I really do miss our long walks

Why'd you leave me here with them
You weren't just another rock, but my gem
Remember that? That story you told me of a rock
Or about Peter Pan and that crock!

Grandma I just wanna hear your voice
Can you tell me did you leave by choice?
Did you leave me here by myself on purpose
Can you sneak me into heaven with you and tio Marcus?

Can't you see I am alone without you
How you'd be my best friend too
Grandma come back to me!
I miss you so much can't you see

It's almost a year now
But I will see you again soon this I vow
When I see you can we play in the straw again?
But Grandma I really do miss you that's all.

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