For All Those Behind Curtains

Thu, 11/27/2014 - 21:20 -- izzyc4


I like to think that I'm bold,

that I'm comfortable with who I am.

That I'm the same person on the inside 

as the one that the world beholds.


That's not what I'm told


I like to believe I stand out,

that I don't blend in with the crowd.

That I'm not just another number or face

but someone with respectable clout.


This, I often doubt.


I know that I'm different, I know I'm unique,

and I know that I have much to say.

But something powerful is keeping me

from sharing my inner physique.


For this, I am weak.


This shield, this force, this curtain of fear,

stops me from just being me.

It lets only some parts of my being show through--

the ones deemed okay by my peers.


I'm not what I appear.


I'm smart and stubborn and wild,

I love to sing and dance.

I don't complain about math 'cuz I love it,

and I don't need my hair to be styled.


I can get riled and I can be mild.


Often I ponder how nice it must be 

to acheive precious inner peace.

For the longest war fought with the most casulaties

is the war that I fight against me.


With this, many agree.


Today I'll stand tall, I won't be a coward!

I'll banish the fear that's suppressed me.

I'll accept who I am and love myself dearly,

fear of judgement will be devoured.


For this, I am empowered.


My hope for all who live on this Earth

is for no one to live like I had,

and to take to heart this one piece of advice

to be a reminder of their worth:


There's only one you, no more, no less,

and nothing will ever change that.

So be who you are, don't change for the others,

because in the end it's you who you must impress.


Loving yourself is the key to success.

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