Where Inspiration Lies

Wed, 11/13/2019 - 10:14 -- ramasay

When I sit down and look around,

The world around me seems to dance

It dazzles and gleams, shinging and profound

And when I need inspiration, I take that golden chance.


I sieze the beauty by the hand

And take it to a new land

The world of writing, where it belongs

In poetry, stories, and songs.


Natures beauty, stands unrivaled

Through terrible storms to clear days unbridled.

When the sun shines, my stories rise,

But the rainy days, don't lead to demise.


Nay, I see the beauty in the everyday

A raindrop as clear as a crystal of diamond

Even dirt as intricate as the finest puzzle

Nothing in this world can be understood

But nothing in this world can truly confuse.


We live in the world of true inspiration

Every corner we turn can give us direction

Every slope, every hill, every little bump in our plans

Is a new leaf to turn with our inspired hands.


I believe that everything our world has to offer

Can lead and show us, that golden coffer

That we know as inspiration that guides us to glory

To produce an amazing and intricate story.


Clouds become characters

Every inch that we see is transformed into a new world

Where the characters we make can flourish and grow

The trees become monsters and the planes become birds

The cats become gods, when translated to words.


Basically, inspiration is never as hard as it seems

If you truely take the time to understand what I mean

Inspiration is not something that comes from a thought

It comes from the beauty we see that others can not.

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Our world


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