Caitlin You Are All I See

Since the day you walked into my life

You have brought out the best in me

Everyday has been without strife

You’ve filled my heart everyday with glee

Every time that I look into your eyes

There is only one thing I can see

An inner beauty that is hard to come by

A beauty that is much like the sea


Catillin you are everything that I asked for

You came and turned my night to day

There’s nothing that I’ve wanted more

For you to be mine and I to be yours


When I’m alone in my room every night

I’ll sit around and Catillin I’ll think of you

When I think of you my heart takes flight

But Catillin if you only knew what I would do

To have a chance to wrap you in my arms tight


Catillin I don’t want to call this love

But when I’m with you I want to sing

Because you make it feel like spring

I want to think us meeting came from above

Because God gave me you, a beautiful dove


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