I Have

We all have those days.

Those days we feel like nothing.

We just want to sleep forever.

Maybe you haven’t felt that yet.

I have.

You just stare at the wall.

You think about everything.

About things that don’t matter.

But you do it anyway.

I have.

You question life itself.

You think of all your friends.

How would they feel if you’re gone?

Would they even care?

You think of the pain they might go through.

I have.

But does that even matter?

Is the pain just too much?

You feel like the world is caving in.

Nobody can save you now.

You’ve felt like you are drowning in sorrow.

I have.

But there’s always that one person.

The one who knows how you feel.

You can’t bring yourself to hurt them.

So you live to breathe another day.

You have to tell yourself to keep moving on.

You learn to live because of that one person.

I have. 


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