Become Content With Yourself


We are advertised ideal appearances
Activate dejectment to our natural being
Exposed to others belief's and thoughts
It keeps us blind of what we are seeing

Time in our life is limited
Negativity deprives our happiness
Seek through your mind and heart
Unburden yourself from deceivableness

Your attributes are born within
Supply your soul with satisfaction
Be confident in who you are
Believe inside you are the main attraction

The next time you pose for a photo
Or even encounter a mirror
Immediately announce to yourself
My beauty is unique and I am dearer

We are all extraordinary and bold
Stand tall on your own two feet
No one is perfect in this world
Love and refrain yourself from the act of deceit

When you view your authentic self
Fall in love with your honest reflection
He or she will love you too
It will convey the best of life's affection


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