Because I love you

I find it hard to breathe

The walls crash down on me

Filling my lungs with screams

Screams that suffocate

They don’t want to wait

They want to rip me apart

Burn me to my core

They want to wear me down

For being a bore

And cut out my heart

Like it’s a chore

With blood spilling out

I fall to the floor

But when the blood turns to roses

You smile some more

Or maybe that’s just because of the dosage

To aid in my psychosis

Oozing from my insides

With nowhere left to hide

At the end of your feet

You question why

So, I reply

Because I love you

I’ve accepted defeat

In my time of need

It’s killing me, see?

I’m down on my knees

I thought that’s what you liked

I’m begging you, please

To just take your strike

Hit me with passion

Love me a fool

I feel like I’m crashing

Wouldn’t you like me to?

Because I love you

You don’t love me

I’m just here to watch

As you decay

You take advantage

And that’s okay

Manipulation is free

But you need to let me be


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