A Beautiful Ride


United States
40° 42' 52.6968" N, 74° 21' 52.6032" W

It would’ve been an honor to be a Freedom Rider
To be able to fulfill my desire
To sacrifice my life for a change
For the exchange
Of a better tomorrow

I would be a soldier in a nonviolent war
I would watch an angry group of white men roar
And throw their corrupt fists in the air
All I would do is say a prayer
And use my weapon of abstenance upon brutality

As I look into all of those faces
A beautiful blend of different races
I see the true success behind the Freedom ride
Strangers nationwide stood side by side
All gathered for the same cause

The Freedom Riders stayed true to their training
Although the racist comments and lack of progress was frustrating
Nonviolence ultimately won this war
Every second was worth fighting for
It was a beautiful ride.

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Absolutely incredible :) So moving. I wish I could have been there too. But the fight isn't over! Every second... we must be willing to use "abstinence upon brutality" even today.


thank you very much! Means a lot ! :)

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