What Inspired Me the Most in Fall 2019

What inspired me during this Fall Semester of 2019,

I learned a lot from the professors, each have their doctornal degrees. But every

professor had thieir own style of teaching.

      One professor taught the State Government (Texas). I found out that each exam,

it was to challenge as a citizen to be more aware of the the society that was

so messed up. What would you do as a citizen? I took the first exam by myself. 

Then, I took the second exam with a partner. Then, I took the third exam

with the district. Finally, the class and I took the last exam altogether.

It was so inpiring that the professor wanted to see how the individuals challenge

the system. They have learned from the eye exercise and unpacking identity

to be inspired and become leaders of their future. Plus, I have talk to the professor

about the evaluation, which I knew I cannot change, but I learned from the mistakes

and do better in the long run. But I do no not wait, so I typed out the new evaluation 

that I want to see the most detailed story in both class and district. It was a lot 

to say than just brief. In reality, people do not see the details,

but they were active in their roles. But that would not be enough to become the

successful leaders, they have to stop and think what they have been doing,

or they just do it because they have been told. Everyone has their own

reasons, their goals are different, and they will grow stronger on daily basis. 

I myself want to see change the system by challening myself first,

and then make an impact to the world. For sure, it would not easy, but I 

was motivated to do step by step toward my goal and learned from my misakes 

to take as a professional leader can do. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



How was my poem inspiring you as a person?


From a 1v1 situation, I was alone to take a test. Then, a 2v2 situation, I was with 

someone in the class. Then, 3v3 situation, the district and I took the test together.

Finally, the entire class of about thirty classmates and I were taking a same test.

From 1v1 to everyone was harder for me to handle and dealing with people and 

their skills in class. I can be smart, but they can be smarter than me. So you would

chose that smartest person to answer the question for an entire class than the

the person who do not attend class at all. Also, it affected everyone's grade. Everyone

wanted a higher grade, not a barely passing grade. 

     Not just for individuals, groups, and classes; the general idea was to understand 

how the system and society worked together and against one another. If against 

one another, then the system was being broken and the people caused riots to rise

and fell with the government and so the politics. If the society and system

worked together, they would be some agreements to maintain and kept their

promises to the people to feel safe and happy. However, that this can be involved

with scandals, policing, policymaking, voting rights and anything else in common

with other parts of the world that this was not safe, but still happening today and

lasted forever.

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