The Fire that Inspires

Sat, 12/01/2012 - 23:42 -- jlr313

those quiet sparks of this world
silently flickering,
faintly glittering with fleeting
invisible to focused eyes
seen only by
eyes full of stars,
thought up only in
heads full of clouds,
intangible instants, warm with potential,
felt only by
faithful, patient palms,
a warmth radiating
with the power
to set words on fire.
set in front of you
as if, on purpose
with the sole purpose
of scorching paper with your pen
in a rapid rhythm of rhyme too Fast too Furious too Fiery
a flame
under a wild imagination’s
I see
I think
I feel
I breathe
with that breath of imagination, of life
that fans the flames
that will set the world
on fire


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