The Absence of Light (AKA The Very First Work of mine, circa 2012)

Over the mountains

Across the seas

Through the tunnels

Under the trees

The wind blows here


All over the world

The voice is heard

The wind whispers

“Caution, Danger is near”

The low moan in the dark,

This is the wind

Or perhaps your dying friend


Creaky boards

On ancient floors

The quiet clink

Of the pots,

The closing of the door


Now in the dark

Icy cold steel

Brushes out of its sheath

Now you know

Danger is near

It waits on your doorstep

Don’t go to sleep!

For in dreams

Evil lurks

Waiting for victims

(For memories you’ll glean)

Of a vicious knife

And its silver sheen

Or pleasant times

In meadows green


Don’t get close

For even a snooze

Because that is what tightens

The deadliest noose


While you are in it

You’re subject to the dark

Not the pleasant whistle

Of the meadowlark

Not birds of the air

Nor beasts of the field

Nor fish of the sea

Can possibly shield

You from the dark

Protect your own heart

You must have a plan

Don’t wait to start

For waiting shall cause

A death in the dark


Sustain the lights

If you can

Or die trying

As a valiant man


“BEWARE” the wind bellows

For lights are snuffed out

Now the shadow creeping over

Is doubt

Are you really safe?

Or are you at the gate

of death?

For that glint of steel

Could take your life

Stifling your last breath


A key to life

Or a door to death

Away from strife

Or continued breath

The choice is yours

Choose wisely

Or you’ll end up in a morgue


So the wind will still blow

But will you still breathe

Or will you decide this life to leave?

So good night, sleep tight

But beware the darkness

The absence of light!

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Our world
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