Not Alone in this World



I once was lost,

I felt alone in this world and empty,

I felt like life was not worth the cost,

My insides were hollow,

And my heart feeling hefty,

Why to live?

What do I have to give?


Then I saw the light,


all the madness,

All the tears of sadness,

I wanted to draw him nearer,

Never disappear,


I could see him in sight,

I reached out my hand,

And he showed me his plan,

There is more to life than man

Can see,

And I took off the blindfold band,

An became all I wanted to be,


Everything started to make sense,

I did not feel so tense,

The pain started to go away,

When I started to pray,

Now I never want to stray,


This light is pure,

He is the cure,

And now I can endure,

This empty world that has little to offer,

I can feel a little bit softer,


When life is hard to stand,

 I learned to kneel,

This is how I can deal

With problems in my day,

Now I meet him half way,

And all I have begin to say,

Is dear father in heaven. 


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