Waiting for tomorrow


Nobody really knows what happens behind the curtains,

or behind the doors...

Dramas unfold and storylines disappear.

The true vulnerability of your existence becomes clear.

The conflicting realities of life make the mind shudder and tremble in fear

But by some miracle strength is bestowed, 

a calmness of spirit, that quails the turbulent emotions that bubbled very close to the surface...

Nobody sees your fears, for this is the close companion you keep locked away from prying eyes...

Armored with a power that takes many forms,

Yet is derived from one source.

Aching and debilitating pain

Rising from ashes of a burning flame

The doubtful silence of a rambling mind

The whispered reassurances of a heavy heart

The flavor of a dream vaguely remembered

Somewhere we expect to feel unadultered joy

From the rubble of distopia

Always waiting on tomorrow

This is the hidden truth...darkness will come, but so will light.


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