As If You Were Running


As a child everyone learned to walk. We fell down a many times, we got scratched and bruised, but you got back up to try again and again. Each time learning something new. Slowly collecting pieces that help you make sense of the idea, "one foot in front of the other." Then one day it happened- We got up to walk and we didn't fall, our steps were slow and cautious, but we were walking. And every time we walked after that it became easier and easier, until we were running at full speed in our backyards. Telling people you love them is like that as well. You will try countless times, again and again, to tell that special someone - at the time - how you feel and you will get rejected. You will get hurt and you will have scars deep in your memory to remind you of the many failures. But one day, someone special will walk into your life, and they will over take your every thought. You will forget about the pain from the past, but learn from it as well. Then slow and cautiously your thoughts for this person will start to flow out of you, small and shaky at first, like your first steps as a child, but pretty soon it will be simple for you, your words will start running from your mouth without a second thought. 



That's beautiful.... 

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