Self Portraiture


I am an artist.
Some people would say that 'artist'
is synonymous with 'creator'--
I am not a creatOR,
I create AND keep on creating.
This miracle of life that we happened to fall into
is never-ending,
perpetually mending
the pieces that have faded over time
or gone out of style.
We grow and create ourselves, 
our cells
grow and create themselves
Beauty is a process, not a product
and I am an artist. 


What's that?
Well, of course I could give you lessons sometime,
but remember that a 'reliable artist' is an oxymoron
and an 'artist' is just a moron
That being said,
I will gladly play the role of teacher for you
Let's jump right in


Today we're going to be covering 
the only two lessons we'll be learning
for the rest of the semester
they are as follows:
     1. Life is hard work
     2. Life is artwork
Now some people would argue that 'artwork'
is synonymous 'creation'--
this will not be our creaSHUN
we will create because we accept you
we acknowledge you
we see you
we know you, that you
have a role to play in this grand
not-so-still life
of which we are all a part
and maybe that part seems small on paper,
but when it comes to life they tell you
that there's no such thing as small parts,
only small


And if you keep moving forward,
you'll get there.
You're gonna be big someday. 
After all, in perspective,
the little things are just further away.


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