Thu, 11/29/2012 - 17:46 -- AND024

Her name is but 12 letters long
Her height is only 4’11”
But she is a dynamo that ignites any stage she steps onto
Her blonde hair; infectious smile and extraordinary strength are something I envy

While she has never held a formal class
She is a better teacher than any I’ve had in school

She has taught me that fear has no place in dreams
She has taught me that vulnerability can be strength
That who people believe you are can be a facade;
A cloak that you pull tight around to stay safe

But when you open up and show yourself for who you are,
You will find a new part of yourself that you didn’t know existed

This girl has proven that whether you win or fall just shy
You are still a winner if you gave it your all

You don’t have to be a gymnast or a dancer to look up to her
I’m not either, but I know that the lessons this young woman teaches can help me
The strength and poise this young woman shows can be applied to all walks of life

She’s the one that said “Olympians aren’t made at home”
And I remember that every time I lose the will to train

I’m not sure if I will be an Olympian
But I know that Shawn would tell me that anything is possible
That the only true failure is to give up
That I can truly do anything if I just focus on the goal

She may not have won the gold in Beijing
Or the All-Star season of Dancing with the Stars
But to me she is the true champion of both

Her strength and perseverance are something to emulate
And I hope I can be 1/10 the star she is
Thank you Shawn for all you’ve given me
I will always strive to be more like you


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