God's Creation

As I drift off to sleep,

my mind enters into a door of dreams,

a door filled with adventures for me.

Suddenly, I find myself in the sky in marvelous flight

Seeing the world from up so high.


As I soar through a valley with luscious evergreens,

the trees wave happily to greet me

The birds tweet and sing songs gleefully

while the flowers dance very beautifully

Squirrels spring up and down to gather food

This scenery provides such a pleasant view.


My adventure continues beyond

and my eyes suddenly drift upon

a glistening blue river that glimmers

and reflects nature like a mirror

In the river, miliions of colorful creatures reside

portraying its beauty worldwide


I continue this flight through the night

and I see a bright star in the sky.

The bright light is one that seems so small 

but gives light to the world, to all.

The star winked with it's twinkling eye,

saying, "The world is filled with many beautiful sights."


I wake up from my dream filled with joy and awe

and realize that this is God's creation I saw.

So beautiful and irreplaceable it can ever be,

His glory is shown through the creation we see.



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