Medical Microbiology

Strands of DNA, unraveling before my eyes
the mysteries of life, a miracle unplanned
tiny particles unmarred by society
sparkling stars scattered within the minute
thriving gems to make a heart beat
beat within my chest with the thunder of desire
to solve the secrets and know the answers
to every riddle, every question,
the solution to every ache
to take away pain from the eyes of a child
and replace it with joy, a miracle of healing.
Life is far too beautiful
in its simplicity
to spend it in suffering.
Years of education urge me on,
a climb to achieve what I know I can.
Befriended by microscopes and amoebas alike
Alone, yet my purpose is to help the human race
solace in solitude because of my love for man
the warmth of a smile, the absence of scars and anguish
All I've ever wanted
is to be helpful, all I've never been.
I want to change this world
with an occupation
that will change my life, change this planet,
change the meaning of life itself
and lend the sufferers a chance to smile
and enjoy this beautiful life.


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