Why Don't We Dream Big?

Fri, 07/05/2013 - 18:17 -- cwindom


The air is really hard to breathe
The oxygen is choking me
The people are carrying me
They have unknown identities
Strange how people never see
The big picture of reality?
All they see is never seen
Just like their possibilities
Please can someone tell me, please!
Tell me what this really means?
Cause words are just a useless dream
And dreams are sometimes never reached
The only words that are ever seen
Are words of negativity
Dreaming big has never been
Big in our society
So what’s the point of dreaming big
When there’s no one supporting me
Or even standing, pushing me.

Dreaming big and having dreams
May not be important to me
Sounds like the excuses that you have never end,
Like I said in the beginning it’s the big picture of reality.
Is this rhyme confusing you?
Or is it just the melody?
What I’m really trying to say
Is that the unknown can fade away
But dreaming big is doing something
That you may have never thought to do.
But dreaming big maybe something
That will last a long time for you…
So why don't we dream big?

BY: Ciara Windom (Uni'Que)


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