It's good to eat with whom you starved 
But, starvation yields corpses
And I don't really like graveyards 
Against them are too many existing forces 
Non-existing over here is death 
Explain that to everyone you know
You don't even have to go in depth 
Bc, in a way, we have been given a good amount of self control 
Of our lives 
He has the power but he's just a patrol 
We are the ones who tell the lies 
The chosen are predetermined 
We don't know who's who 
So, just be on the safe side since we can't determine 
Only makes sense bc it may be you 
Teach the different types of foods 
Restaurants are optional luxuries 
So, know and show how to prepare 'em too 
Now there's a menu that's optionally fluctuating 
Don't mind anything stagnant around you 
Tie your shoes a different way from normal 
And believe me, all statues will move too 
Better yet, 
Buy a different pair of shoes 
Walking a different way can set a trend just as cool 
Not cool as in being like others 
Cool as in initiating a purpose amongst one another 
Channelling and challenging 
Making a difference w a purpose that's startling 
To whom will accept the mindset as one that's flattering 
Intentionally changing 
Attracting apprentices who accept w hearts that are willingly willing 
A movement so effective no one can help hearing the rattling 
The brand's called Halo Clothing 
As I once said, the mindset of that track-star-like busy bee 
I'm Kurtz, Kerri 
And my God will never stop blessing me 
Thank you! 
- Halo Clothing ™
Kerri Kurtz, 
Founder/ C.E.O. 


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