Forget Love Lets Just Be Happy


Forget love lets just be happy Anger, lies, and not being perfect This all causes problems.   I love you, you love me Together that’s all we need. I hate this shit when we fight, It ruins my night.  I feel so bad when we fight I feel so bad It makes me cry It makes you mad  Jealousy and immaturity That's What we're full of Our love is strong But our trust is weak All in all we just need to be Together where ever just not apart   We’re always happy when there’s no distance I need you I hope you need me   I’ve loved you after Our Couple Of Play FightsI’ve loved you for youI’ll love till the day I die I’ll love you till the end of time   I know I love you more than my own life But I'm not sure if you love me that much but I know you do I might question it at times And I’m really sorry It just scares me to think I might lose you   My life sucks when you’re not around I’m always lost and I never sleep Your on my mind even when you not with me I obsess over having you.   Losing you is not an option For if I lost you My life would have no meaning   I love you, you love me That’s how it needs to be. Forget love lets just be happy.   



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