Ode to The Beatles

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 11:50 -- kev005

across the universe,
i fall into the sky.
lucy is there,
as it rains she cries,
"dear prudence,
don’t pass me by.”

do you want to know a secret,
happiness is a warm gun.
i’ve got a feeling,
here comes the sun.

with a little help from my friends,
i’ll be on my way,
the long and winding road,
straight down penny lane.

hello goodbye,
to my love jude,
i was in a lonely hearts club band,
til there was you.

i am the walrus,
i cannot be moved,
so tell me what you see.
things we said today,
on the tip of my tongue,
but mother mary says let it be.



love it

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