Tue, 12/22/2015 - 14:37 -- lizann

Music speaks to me when you don't

Headphones soup bowls bigger than my heart's holes 

Hip hop a blessing an escape from the problem I'm not addressing

shouting aggression yet soothing my depression

Electronic synthesizers buzz like bees in a sea of melodies

Pink Floyd the ship that sails me to the island of music and beats

Zepplin floats my pain away burning it like the Hindenburg 

Play some Atmosphere so loud I forget I'm in the suburbs

All around me cookie cutter fools but I'm fooled by the tunes in the ear

Shut your mouth and give me something I want to hear

Wastky and Intuition geniuses with speech they're the shit 

Aer clears the air in my head, lets me relax for a little bit

congested with thoughts in my head like greedy neighbors knocking on my door

They get the hell out as soon as I show them The Doors

The Beatles crawl on my skin and give me shivers

Good shivers like the feeling I get hearing lyrics from Mac Miller

I play Arctic Monkeys when I'm tired of being cold and bitter 

Son Lux a luxury for escaping reality

Palmer Squares and Wax help me face the reality of what my life could be

ACDC, Aerosmith, Meatloaf when I wanna rock n roll 

Roll like a Bat Out of Hell because this is gospel

For the fallen ones like me who need Panic at the Disco for energy

Music speaks to me it's my one love thanks to Bob Marley 

It puts me in The Cab and drives me far away from this place

This disgrace of a place thank god it drove me to outer space

Because music is a world within itself 

Stevie Wonder makes me wonder what I'd do without his help

I'm on the moon now I'm waving goodbye 

When I press the play button I know that What I Got is just Sublime

See this list could go on forever as an eternal endeavor 

To find new words from their mouths that speak in ways so clever 

But I'll end it right here and just keep dancing 

and dancing 

and dancing 

because music speaks when you don't 





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