Unfinished Business

I manage to get out of bed each and every day.
I get up, get ready, and get to work.

People look at me with admiration for this feat.
"How are you so motivated?" they ask.

What I wish I could call powerful motivation
and a strong work ethic
Is simply just a vast and immense fear of failure.

I worry that everything I'm striving for
will be for nothing,
that I will fail at all that I want to accomplish.

I think of how easy it would be to lay here.
All of the thoughts swarming around in my head
Tell me to just give up in a cacophany of anxiety. 

The only thing I can predict is that
Life will only ever always continue to be unpredictable.
I have to get up and keep moving.

I can not -
I will not lay in this bed idly,
paralyzed by fear; but rather,
I shall turn that fear into strength and allow it to drive me forward.

All the place I haven't seen,
All the people I haven't met,
All the things I haven't done - 
There is still so much I'm excited to do.

I have too much unfinished business to attend to.
I get up, get ready, and greet the day.


This poem is about: 



I still have a lot left that I want to do and accomplish.
Always remember you have a lot more life to live.

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